Episode 1: Haylie (for BABEL)

This is the first episode of Philia, a podcast about the personal passions behind our academic work. Here, I start with two stories that inform my own work, two encounters with animals that have shaped my dissertation, “Precarious Intimacy: Humans and Animals at the Margins of Life.”

mouse 1mouse 2

If you have a story to tell about your academic work, please get in touch! I’d love to talk with you.

“Are Your Troubled at the Thought of Dying?” – Breakmaster Cylinder
“What’ll I Do?” – Pink Martini, Get Happy
“Oú Est Ma Tête?” – Pink Martini, Splendor in the Grass
“Canis Lupus” – Alexandre Desplat, Fantastic Mr. Fox
“La Redécouverte” – Yann Tiersen, Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (Bande originale du film)
“Mr. Fox in the Field” – Alexandre Desplat, Fantastic Mr. Fox
“Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love)” – Wing Narada


5 thoughts on “Episode 1: Haylie (for BABEL)

  1. Beautiful and thought-provoking! Don’t listen to this while you work because it will make you stop in your tracks just to listen.

    The sound was sometimes too quiet but only a minor problem which can be ironed out for next time.


  2. This was amazing. I listened to the ending 5 times and wrote down the poignant ending, “every moment of contact is an invitation to engage”. You are truly talented Haylie, keep recording!


  3. I was unaware of this podcast’s existence till a few days ago when I read a caption you posted on Instagram. You are such a delightful person, Haylie, and it is such a pleasure to hear your thoughts (and suitable song selections) on these touching topics and beautiful stories. May your passion for your work keep growing till you don’t know what to do with all the excess!


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